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Line Marking

Bluetex Solutions are the only painting solution you will ever need. Our highly specialized team loves its detailing and perfection, so we are the perfect people to trust with line marking and other types of surface painting.

The Bluetex Solutions team has completed several projects in Sydney and around the country. It is now working on other projects on behalf of other businesses who want a dependable and experienced line marking company to accomplish their tasks.We are experienced and can customize our line marking equipment and stencils to meet your needs.

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Bluetex Solutions can assist you in making the best selections for your project and finding the finest solutions to meet your line marking requirements. We ensure that each task is handled correctly and with the utmost attention, ensuring that you receive the most satisfactory service possible. Nothing matters to us more than your pleasure.
Are you looking to give your parking flooring a genuinely distinctive appearance and feel? Then inquire about how we can design a bespoke line marking and parking lot layout for your next project. Please get in touch with us right away!

Line Marking Experts

There is no shortage of uses and advantages for a professional line marking service, from a warehouse floor or industrial estate to the parking lot at your local supermarket.

Bluetex Solutions is the brand to remember regarding line marking. Our expert team can manage assignments of any size or scope and deliver unrivalled solutions and long-term results. Our line marking solutions are dependable and precise, providing a clean and clear outcome with paint designed to last for years.

Before applying line-markings and sealing, the Bluetex Solutions crew will get the surface ready and use a certified sealing treatment. We can also give a full line marking removal service to remove outdated, damaged, or undesirable marks.

Bluetex Solutions car park line marking services include numbering and lettering and the provision and installation of bike racks, wheel stops, safety signs, and bollards. We can also make custom stencils for your brand or business.

There is no replacement for safety and security in any warehouse or industrial facility. We utilize lines and pathways to make it easier for staff to navigate huge warehouse facilities or to mark hazardous locations.

Let Bluetex Solutions help you with your line marking projects.

We understand if you have concerns and queries. The Bluetex Solutions is here to help. Some common questions you might have are answered here.

However, do not hesitate to call us if you have any other questions or need one of our experts for a discussion.

When it comes to line marking, how long should it last?

Line marking usually lasts 1-2 years in medium/high traffic places like warehouses or public parking lots, and maybe longer in low traffic areas like private parking lots. Line markings can also be extended by proactive touch-up maintenance and surface cleaning.

What sort of paint do you use to paint the parking lines?

Parking markings are more visible thanks to reflective paints. Automobile headlights illuminate the beads. In the dark, snow, or ice circumstances, this line striping comes in handy. Glass beads are used in waterborne and chlorinated rubber paints to create reflective colours.

What colour should be used for parking lines?

The colour and kind of paint used to paint the parking lines significantly impact how they look. Although yellow is the traditional hue for stripes, blue is becoming more popular in some locations, particularly in retail centres.