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Painters in Northbridge

Bluetex Solutions provide painting services for residential and commercial constructions.

Residential painting is an excellent example of an often ignored but important home renovation project. As a homeowner, you most likely have an endless list of activities to complete. With so much on your plate, it’s easy to overlook projects that require your focus. 

If you’re looking for Painters in Northbridge, you’ll be pleased to learn that we excel in all kinds of painting jobs. Bluetex Solutions thoroughly cleans all surfaces, corrects current defects, and avoid new ones.

We make sure that the painting is suitable for the spaces. We all know how hot and moist bathrooms can be. As a result, we use water-resistant and long-lasting painting materials to ensure that your bathroom paint does not peel.

What is Our Painting process?

Thanks to our numerous years of expertise, we’ve developed a simplified, effective system for completing any painting project we take on. In addition, our team will keep you updated on what to expect throughout all phases of your project.

Furniture – All furniture and blinds must be moved away from the painting surface – you can hire us to do this for you or do it yourself to save a little money.

Masking/covering – Before beginning the project, any surface that will not be painted will be covered or protected. Any furniture or floors will be covered in plastic to avoid any damage.

Drywall – Gaps, cracks, and lacking texture in drywall would be repaired before the painting starts.

Surface preparation – Before we begin, the surface must be clean and dry; we will deep clean all surfaces to guarantee the highest paint adhesion.

Caulking – If required, any imperfections around baseboards, windows, or doors will be re-caulked.

Scraping and sanding – We’ll scrape away any rough paint and sand any surfaces that need it before we start painting.

Painting – Generally, we paint the ceilings before to ensure a more even coat, then apply double coats of paint to the walls.

Clean it up – Once the painting job is completed, our crews will remove all coverings and masking. Our crew members promise to leave no mess behind.

Inspection – The crew supervisor will regularly check every finalized interior painting job for performance and satisfaction. What’s more? You will have the chance to evaluate it before signing off.

Bluetex Solutions are one of the best Painters in Northbridge 

When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Top-notch painting services 
  • Competitive pricing
  • Delighted clients & great referrals 
  • Fully certified and covered painters
  • Competent, timely, and courteous workers
  • Cordial customer services
  • Team of expert and trustworthy painters 
  • Remarkable painting finish
  • High satisfaction guarantee
  • Many years of experience in the field
  • Northbridge’s Best Residential Painters

The most important thing is to get the job done accurately and to our client’s satisfaction.   We’ve built a reputation as Northbridge’s best residential painters over the last couple of years. Repairing paint imperfections and malfunction, stylish finishes, and all types of residential painting are our areas of expertise.

You might want to know: can Bluetex Solutions repair any damage discovered during the project?

The extent of the damage determines it. Many of our Painters in Northbridge provide maintenance services. In addition, your regional painting professional team should be able to assess your work and suggest improvements.

Call us today to schedule a residential or commercial painting appointment in the Northbridge area.